APEX Stake Pool


APEX is a Stake Pool on the Cardano blockchain, running on bare metal servers and virtual private servers distributed all over the world.  The mission of APEX Stake pool is to help and educate the Cardano community, to bring more people in the Cardano ecosystem, and to contribute to the development and decentralization of Cardano. More details about the open source contributions can be found on the Contributions page.
Apex is running a stake pool on each of the following blockchains: Cardano mainnet, Cardano (legacy) testnet, Cardano preprod and Cardano preview, supporting the testing and development.
Because of its mission and its activity in the community, APEX Cardano Stake Pool received in October 2021 both the IOG Delegation (3.3M ADA) and Cardano Foundation (CF) Delegation (14.8M ADA), and in January 2022 it received the Cardano Foundation Delegation again! This ensures high rewards for the APEX Stake Pool delegators. 
The second round of Cardano Foundation Delegation ended on Epoch 334. APEX Stake Pool was selected again from the stake pools that registered, but it was not selected during the random selection in the second step.
APEX Stake pool received another Cardano Foundation Delegation (15.2M ADA) on epoch 350!
During epoch 353, APEX was selected (together with other 5 Stake Pools) to be supported by IOG for 6 months with a 1M ADA delegation "based on the value they have created through documentation, Vasil testnet support, and community education, ultimately contributing to the overall health and growth of the ecosystem.".
In January 2023 (epoch 390), APEX Stake pool received for the 4th time a Cardano Foundation Delegation (14.74M ADA)!
As a part of the Free Loaderz initiative, APEX Stake Pool has the following submit-api URL for people to configure in their light wallets to speed up their transactions:
APEX Stake Pool is is owned and operated by an IT Professional with 25 years of experience, with a lot of experience in IT Security and IT best practices, and involved in a few successful PCI DSS Audits in the last years.
The pool is running on multiple reliable, redundant virtual private servers and dedicated hardware (bare metal) servers - one active block producer and one stand-by block producer, two registered relays and many other unregistered relays, distributed across data centers in Europe, USA and Japan. The unregistered relays are there for more redundancy and protection against attacks. 
APEX Stake Pool is not a charitable stake pool, but a few donations were already made. The first donation was 670 Euro on 2nd of December 2021, and the second donation of 775 Euro was made on 10th of January 2022 (details in the Donations page). There will be other donations for "Asociaţia Dăruieşte Viaţă" from time to time. Please support them if you can. Their accounts for donations are in the footer of their website.
If you are looking for a Staking Pool to delegate to, please consider delegating to APEX Pool. This will help the Stake Pool and its mission, and you will win good ADA rewards, just like from any other big stake pool.