APEX Stake Pool

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APEX Stake Pool


Because of its mission and its activity in the community, APEX Cardano Stake Pool received in October 2021 both the IOG Delegation (3.3M ADA) and Cardano Foundation (CF) Delegation (14.8M ADA), and in January 2022 it received the Cardano Foundation Delegation again! This ensures high rewards for the APEX Stake Pool delegators.

APEX Stake Pool is is owned and operated by an IT Professional with more than 24 years of experience, with a lot of experience in IT Security and IT best practices, and involved in a few successful PCI DSS Audits in the last years.

The pool is running on multiple reliable, redundant virtual private servers – one active block producer and one stand-by block producer, two registered relays and a few other unregistered relays, distributed across data centers in Europe. The unregistered relays are there for more redundancy and protection against attacks.

The Stake Pool increased the margin (variable fee) from 0% to 2% in Epoch 299 (starting October 27th 2021, 21:45 UTC). All the pool rewards will be used to increase the pledge, and the equivalent of 50% from the margin rewards in Euro was donated to a charitable cause. The first donation was 670 Euro on 2nd of December 2021, and the second donation of 775 Euro was made on 10th of January 2022 (details in the Donations page). After this second donation, the focus will be on growing the stake pool.

There will be other donations for “Asociaţia Dăruieşte Viaţă” from time to time. Please support them if you can. Their accounts for donations are in the footer of their website.

If you are looking for a Staking Pool to delegate to, please consider delegating to APEX Pool. This will help the Stake Pool and its mission – helping and educating the Cardano community, bringing more people in the Cardano ecosystem, and will also contribute to the decentralization of Cardano.