NFT giveaway for a new delegator

NFT giveaway for a new delegator

The jetchicken #00011680 NFT will be given to one of the new wallets with a minimum of 100 ADA delegating to APEX Pool from now until the end of Epoch 279, which is on Saturday, 24th of July 2021 (21:45:00 UTC). The winner will be randomly selected.

The NFT can be seen here:

To qualify, you will need to:
– delegate to APEX Pool (Ticker: APEX, Pool ID: 538299a358e79a289c8de779f8cd09dd6a6bb286de717d1f744bb357) a wallet with a minimum of 100 ADA
– follow @cardanoapexpool on Twitter
– retweet the message on Twitter

The winner wallet will be announced on Twitter and on this website in Epoch 280. The owner of the wallet will have to reply to the message on twitter (or send a Direct Message, if he wants to stay private). If he followed the rules (follow and retweet), the NFT will be sent to an address in his delegated wallet.

For any other questions, contact @cardanoapexpool on Twitter.


Because nobody delegated to APEX pool during the campaign, the NFT will not be given away for now.