End of Year 2022 raffle

End of Year 2022 raffle

The APEX delegators holding APEX tokens in their delegated wallets can win from time to time some extra rewards. The $APEX tokens can be claimed by the APEX delegators on TosiDrop.io. Their utility is to show that the holders are interested in participating to the promotions.

As announced on Twitter on December 19th, before the end of 2022, 3 lucky APEX delegators who also have $APEX tokens in their delegated wallets will win one of the 3 prizes:

  • 150 $ADA (for delegators with 20 epochs or more)
  • 100 $ADA (for delegators with 10 epochs or more)
  • 50 $ADA (for all delegators)

The snapshot of the wallets has been taken today and has been posted on Discord and Telegram.

The winners will be decided by the hash of the next 3 blocks minted by the APEX stake pool (even if they are lost in a height or slot battle). Each wallet in each sheet has a digit or a letter assigned to it. The first digit or letter in the blocks hashes will decide the winner. The first block (28th of December) will decide the winner for the 50 ADA prize, the second block (30th of December) for the 100 ADA prize and the third block (31st of December) for the 150 ADA prize. In case no wallet has the first digit or letter of the block hash, the second digit or letter in the hash will decide the winner, and so on.

The prizes will be available to be claimed on TosiDrop from the 31st of December 2022, after all winners are decided, and will be available for claiming for 10 epochs. If they are not claimed in 10 epochs, they will be used for a future raffle.

Update: The winners have been selected and the prizes were made available. The 1st prize was already claimed shortly after being announced.